At Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group, we love making the very best automotive accessories to help empower businesses and consumers who demand more from their vehicles.

We specialise in designing, producing and selling automotive accessories across a variety of market sectors. As part of a large international family that’s guided by the Eastern Polymer Group, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group has a global presence, while we also are continually looking to expand our operations in the Australian automotive industry.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group acquired TJM 4x4 Accessories in 2015, which has a national network of retail stores and a rich history that stretches back to 1973. Since then, the company has also taken on Flexiglass and Bocar, both of which produce high-quality ute canopies, trays and accompanying accessories. The product arm of Aeroklas, which began in Thailand and has since found success in Australia, has been producing plastic automotive accessories for over 35 years.

In 2019, we opened the doors on an all-new, advanced and exciting head office facility in Brisbane, Queensland. This purpose-built facility features extensive office space, warehousing capability, research and development labs, painting and welding bays as well as a fully functional workshop and fitting centre.

With a growing portfolio of recognisable brands and a wealth of experience within each of its divisions, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group are quickly becoming a dominant force in the automotive accessories industry.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group careers


We’re driven by difference-makers who are open to a challenge and are ready to make their mark. Our workforce spans a variety of divisions that ranges from research and development to engineering, warehousing, sourcing, product management, sales and marketing right through to retail.


At Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group, we believe in doing what we can to make our business sustainable by reducing our environmental impact and maximising every resource.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group sustainability