At Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group, we believe in doing what we can to make our business sustainable by reducing our environmental impact and maximising every resource.

Meaningful initiatives

We seek to create meaningful change through every facet of what we do in our daily operations, including our social responsibility as an employer and as a modern business.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group sustainability

Solar powered

Our Brisbane head office is powered by 99 kilowatts of solar panels. This large solar array delivers more than 75% of our facility’s power needs and those of the 100+ team members that work beneath it.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group sustainability

Reduce, reuse, recycle

To help minimise our environmental impact, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group diligently sends all container MDF board to third-party timber recyclers, minimises landfill by recycling offshore pallets and packaging and utilises clean gas and off-peak electricity in our mobile fleet.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group sustainability

Smarter power

Our head office facility uses advanced power-saving technology in everything from our lighting to our air conditioners to ensure low electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group, Brisbane

In 2019, we moved into our all-new head office facility on Brisbane’s northside. Home to four brands and 11,000 square metres of warehousing space, our home base has everything we need to drive innovation: 2.6 hectares of hardstand, 1000 square metres of office space, a 7-vehicle lock-up research and development garage, a fully functional workshop and painting and washing bays – not to mention a massive 99 kilowatts of solar power.