Take The Lead with TJM 4x4 Equipped, which is one of Australia’s most recognisable off-road accessories brands that is backed by a long history of product innovation and an extensive retail network.

TJM 4X4 Equipped
TJM 4x4 Equipped

TJM 4x4 Equipped started in 1973 as a passion project among mates who wanted to head off-road and explore further, and today TJM is spread across over 50 stores in Australia alone. TJM is a one-stop-shop for 4x4 accessories that have been designed and tested to perform in the harsh Australian Outback.

TJM is best known for its patently strong and stylish vehicle protection – including bull bars, side bars, steps and rear bars – in addition to its vehicle suspension systems. However, it also boasts an exceptional range of camping equipment, vehicle recovery tools, touring power solutions, vehicle storage accessories and more.

This high standard has seen TJM rise to become a market leader from its engineering to its expert sales staff, while also creating specialised product solutions for retail expeditions, commercial and government use.

In-store and online

TJM 4x4 Equipped services its distributor and reseller network with powerful branding, exceptional products and easy-to-use ecommerce and online solutions that have seen TJM's market presence consistently grow since it was founded over 45 years ago.

Take the Lead

It’s time to Take The Lead with TJM. Visit the TJM website to learn what take the lead means for us at TJM.


The TJM retail is our industry leading 4WD accessories digital shop front that works in unison with our brick and mortar retail presence.


TJM wholesale gives our 65+ strong distributor network the tools it needs to give our customers the best possible buying experience.