Creating products that benefit our customers is always at the forefront of our thinking, which is why Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group is a leader in the global automotive accessories industry.

Real-world thinking

We understand that our products are made to be used by real people in the real world, which is why we engage in extensive research, development and real-world testing with all of our products. These insights help us gain the invaluable perspective of an end user and drive us to make products that enhance people’s lives and livelihoods.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group innovation

Constant innovation

We are always pushing the boundaries of our own thinking to develop products that deliver a better user experience and greater functionality to our customers.
Flexiglass safety

Solving problems

Our team love nothing more than a challenge, which is why we are always looking to elevate our products above what our customers and our competitors believe is possible.
TJM 4X4 Equipped experienced staff

Living our culture

At Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group, automotive accessories are our profession and our passion. We understand how to make great products because we use them ourselves.
Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group innovation

Our product research, development and design teams are tasked with conceptualising exceptional products and then bringing them to life. Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group boasts an expert team of engineers and a world-class testing facility where they can put automotive products through their paces before then trialling them in the toughest testing ground on Earth: the Australian Outback.