With approved fitment standards and a complete range of product solutions for light truck vehicle owners, our in-demand brands can be found both in Australia and overseas.

Extensive Network

Our recognised stable of brands are available in a growing number of retail locations, which has seen TJM 4x4 Equipped, Aeroklas and Flexiglass strengthen their market share and successfully drive their respective brands forward.

TJM distributor


Our brands have over 60 distributors in Australia, Thailand and North America, each of which uphold their brand standards with built-for-purpose products, uniform fitment standards and expert sales staff.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group SPP


Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group’s brands distribute products to a wide and varied network of stockists and resellers. These stockists choose our products for their quality and functionality, which serves to expand our brand presence, sales and our potential group of distributors.

Aeroklas Aeroklas fitment centres

Fitment Centres

Retail locations who sell and fit our products must be approved to do so. With a network of locations that adhere to our high fitment standards, we can ensure fitment practices that match the high quality of our products and the standards required to support nearby vehicle dealers.

TJM 4X4 Equipped

Standard fitting

From our global network to our impressive manufacturing and warehousing capacity, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group has been built from the ground up to cater to all sectors of the automotive industry – and do it all with market-leading products that consumers actively seek out.