With a suite of recognised brands and a broad international network, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group products and parts are in demand both in Australia and all over the world.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group exports products to over 100 countries as well as to multiple manufacturing facilities across the globe. This broad export network is a sign of our stringent standards, product quality and growing brand presence in the international automotive accessories industry.


We manage a wide range of international accounts and have the capacity to ship our in-demand automotive accessories all across the globe with safety, compliance and timeliness.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group distribution

Managed export services

Our dedicated Export division leverages Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group’s recognised suite of Australian and international brands. Our products are designed, tested and manufactured to thrive in the most challenging environments in Australia and across the globe, which is why they are trusted for their quality and reliability. This is backed by our warranty and product aftersales support, all of which is serviced by our knowledgeable Export team.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group

Account management

We offer flexible account options to support all of our customer’s individual requirements. With detailed information on our entire range available – in addition to user-friendly application and fitment guides – our Export team can assist in order placement, progress and product dispatch times to simplify every step of the ordering process.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group export

International logistics

Thanks to our global network, Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group has extensive experience working with international logistics. This includes product compliance, packaging and labelling, warehousing and materials handling and more. Meanwhile our Export team, who are specialists in air and sea freight options, work in partnership with all major international freight companies to ensure your orders reach you in a timely manner.

Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group global market

Worldwide coverage

Our Export division is always looking to identify and appoint new distributors around the globe. Aeroklas Asia Pacific Group's quality-assured product range and experienced customer service department allow us to confidently drive export growth across the TJM, Bocar, Flexiglass and Aeroklas brands.